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Rutland Arms Inn

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Corner Victoria Ave & Ridgway Street
06 - 347 7677

The hotel with heart in the centre of Whanganui city

The Rutland Arms Inn is known for its great food, friendly and welcoming staff. The luxurious accommodation upstairs makes it a destination of choice for travellers and locals.

A feature of Whanganui since 1849, the Rutland remains an iconic building in the heart of Wanganui, lending history and elegance to one of the town’s most prominent street corners.

Known in its early days as “the finest hotel between Wellington and New Plymouth” and a place where “professionals dallied, did business, and generally enjoyed themselves”, the Rutland once again caters for elegant guest accommodation and makes for a very enjoyable stay.

The historic Rutland Arms Inn - restaurant, English bar and themed accommodation..

Your hosts are Tavis and Jenn, Whanganui born and bred. Both have Bachelor degrees in Hospitality Management, and have worked in the hospitality industry and related fields in England and throughout New Zealand.

We offer relaxed and friendly dining in our restaurant at ground level while sophisticated and quiet accommodation awaits you upstairs. Viewing is essential as you will not believe the elegance of our themed bedrooms.

We pride ourselves on being family-friendly and if you need something, you simply just need to ask!.



The Rutland Arms Inn offers spacious, quiet and luxurious accommodation upstairs from the restaurant. The pervading atmosphere is elegant and offers visitors a unique opportunity to stay in a historic hotel in the heart of Wanganui's shopping, dining and entertainment centre.

We have eight luxurious suites, furnished with a mixture of period and contemporary furnishings, complemented by the best of modern technology.



Our restaurant offers full Lunch and Dinner menus, and an ongoing Cafe menu, all packed with variety and the freshest produce.

The hotel's restaurant closes around 10.30pm each night, and there are no bands or live music that would affect the quiet that visitors expect during their stay.

The atmosphere of the Rutland is more like a restaurant or cafe than a hotel in the heart of Wanganui.